Day 10: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul

Day 10: I hope you have your thinking caps on today as we embark on our Roller Coaster. So climb aboard, put on your safety belts, and let that creativity flow. The focus of today is to really evaluate the work you have been doing or your WIP (work in progress). Today write a paragraph outlining where you are in your work in progress. Once complete lets create on of the following to allow us to plan how to push through and complete: Brainstorm webs, outline, timeline, or story map. This will allow you to organize and schedule out a possible deadline to help motivate you.

My work in progress is currently my revision and re-edit of my book Mercy: A Tragedy In Idaho. I pulled it off the shelves and I am revamping it to take it from self-publishing to finding an actual publisher. The book has the meat and bones but it lacks some description. I have been working daily on changing the white walls into description. I have been rereading every page one paragraph at a time. During this, I have changed the word structure and really focused on formatting it better. Basically giving me the polished copy that I didn’t really have before. My focus initially, was getting this book out before the trial started in my hometown. The book is based upon someone I knew and I felt there was things that needed to come out.

I am going to create a timeline for this challenge.

11/2020 – Finish the edits and increase the word count.

12/2020 – Get several people to read it and get reaction. Once done find an editor to polish.

1/2020 – Send off to agents to get it published.

This is my goal inside the next three months. During this time I have to edit every day in order to meet this goal. I am so excited for this and can’t wait for it to be re-released.

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