Day 11: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul

Last week, we focused heavily on making time for writing. You carry the recorder or pen and paper with you everywhere. Staying prepared so you don’t have to get prepared in the moment. Today focus will be on balance. While you may have those moments of inspiration you need to also make sure life isn’t pushed to the side. Make time for the family and life as well. What can you do better to balance your time? What is your No Write time? My No Write time is from dinner every night until my daughter is in bed. This ensures I am making time for my family. We do game nights, movie nights, or whatever creative activity my baby girl wants.

Now that you have put that on your mind, lets do a writing exercise. Today we will make it a little lighter, with a 1-page story challenge. Open up word and write until the page is full. The topic for today is to change someone’s mind. It doesn’t have to be some big political piece, in fact I am steering away from that. Instead, pick something that will make people think twice about something they wouldn’t have before. Do research, find something that will really change someone’s mind.

College vs Entrepreneurship

As kids, learn a way of life and the expectations that come with growing up. You go to school, graduate, and go off to College. You’re told there is no hope in life without a degree. When you start in life without a degree, jobs may hint towards that. You must fight harder to prove your worthiness, without a degree. You may decide later in life to suck it up and finally get it.
You may think I am headed towards an argument that College is the right path in life. You are assuming at this point. Sit back, open your mind, and see it from the perspective of someone who finally decided to take the college route and that failing miserably.
I went to college online after having my last child. I had been laid-off from my place of employment, where I had worked for seven years and relocated across the country. Here I am, with a newborn in hand, applying for College, thinking it would be a better chance. I worked hard for years. I relocated two states while in college and still maintained Honor Roll and Honors classes, the works. I worked hard to have that 3.5 or higher GPA and graduated with flying colors. I loved college.
I immediately began my master’s program and set out to apply for jobs inside of my degree. I was turned down over and over by different companies. A lot wanted experience over a degree or a combination of both. Ten years of customer service didn’t matter because that was too much experience. That, combined with a degree, almost made me un-hirable. It devastated me. I was halfway through my master’s program with a 4.0 GPA and just stopped. I gave up hope because I couldn’t get a job with the degree, I worked so hard for.
As soon as I took my life into my own hands and started to make money for myself, I started to succeed in ways I never dreamed. All it took was consistency, perseverance, and hard work. Now instead of paying corporations, I am paying myself. I have published two books and have two more coming. Entrepreneurship is the way to go. That money you have been paying back in student loans could be getting paid back to business loans to help you grow. Remember that when you are choosing your paths. Some paths are meant for college, like doctors, lawyers, nurses. Others can be done with other paths like courses and videos to do it yourself. It is possible if you just believe and never get up. You may have to pivot sometimes but never stop your dream.

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