Day 12: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul


While we focus on making time for writing you must take into consideration your other priorities as well. Each day there needs to be time etched out. While I say write down inspiration also write down grocery lists or to do lists. This will ensure you don’t get so lost in the writing world, trust me we have all been there, that all other obligations fall to the wayside. When you are writing it is important to have a section set aside for little reminders about those things that pop into your head. Those little must dos or needs that taunt you and attempt to pull you away from what you love, writing.

With today being the longest day in the week, let’s do a quick write to push through. Remember, if you write every day, no matter how long, you will succeed. Consistency is the biggest key factor here. Let’s do a 5-minute poem about an inanimate object. Look around, what do you see? The first thing that catches your eye, write a poem about it. Seems simple, but let’s step it up and write an ode to the loss of the object. Really try to bring the object to life. The biggest challenge with this will be to write about it without ever saying what the item is. Let others guess and wonder. I hope you enjoy todays interactions.

We were closer than others

I touched you every day

The warmth that filled me

The energy you gave me

When you fell over,

I prayed you would make it

I swept you up

I put you in the nearest bin

Oh, nothing will replace you

It took forever to find the perfect fit

Goodbye, farewell, Ado

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