Day 13: Heal the Spirit

Channeling the depths of your writing spirit, think deep. What inspires you the most about writing? Think long and hard about this and once you have concluded, never forget that. I don’t care if you must create a collage board it, tattoo it, or shout it to the stars. That will be your motivation to keep succeeding. Today let’s take a step back. Find a memory from your past and write about it below.

I’m having the time of my life. It was the best time of year. I would come and spend my summers here with my family. Always a treat for my day to day. It was always full of adventures, and this trip was no different. My family lived in a cabin in the mountains. It was amazing and the other cabins had families for the summer. One day I decided to be a big girl and ride a mountain bike. I was young, 8 years old, but taller than most 12-year-old children. It was the adventure of a lifetime when I was at the top of her driveway. Suddenly I realized at the end, if I didn’t stop in time, I could go over the mountain. Instead of easing on the breaks I completely froze. I couldn’t find the breaks even though my hands were wrapped around them. I threw myself sideways and slid a little way until I came to a stop. This day gave me the coolest scar ever and it didn’t stop us from having the best summer ever.

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