Welcome to week three. I can not express enough, just how exciting it is for us all to be here together. We are crossing through the halfway mark and that is an accomplishment. Remember 21 days makes a habit but a whole month keeps you in routine. Let’s take what we have learned so far and continue growing as writers together. I hope you have enjoyed what you have read so far. Just know how proud I am and how amazing coming this far actually is.

Day 15: Feed your hunger

It is important to remember that when you are writing you need to stay nourished. Eating healthy and when you are hungry will prevent crap from falling across your pages. There have been so many times I have written hungry and the character I was trying to portray one way didn’t sound as loving or sweet. Once I satisfied the hunger I went back and rewrote it the way I wanted the character to sound. Today I want you to grab a snack before we sit back to write.

Got your snack? Great! Now we will get started. Today we are going to focus on a short story. We are going to rewrite a fairytale from memory, do not do any research. The best part is that we are also going to change the story some. You can change roles around, change the tone, or make the ending different. Just make sure we can tell which fairytale you picked without actually saying it. Good luck and have fun. I chose to take my fairy tale on a more twisted turn. I hope you enjoy.

She was awoken to the screaming of her siblings, demanding she tend to their every need. She never got a moment to herself and she was so tired of it. Day in and day out it was do this and do that! No one cared that she also was a person with needs and wants too. Now, it wasn’t just her siblings calling her but her evil step dad as well. They all demanded so much of her. Up before the sun and not able to stop until well after it set every day. She was lucky to get a few moments to herself, before bed. Even those moments were taken away from her most times.

This morning was different. She would ask Father if she could go to the ball, like her step siblings. She wanted a chance to meet the prince too. This was all she ever dreamed. She had been working extra hard all week just to ensure this happened. She practically skipped as she went to deliver breakfast to her family. When she reached her step dads room he was already awake. She set his breakfast down and started tying his boots. She didn’t want him to have to ask today. Before she could even start to ask he was already screaming at her. He had found the dress she was making for the Ball. How dare she assume she would be allowed to set foot in the castle. He tossed her aside, laughing in her face, and walked out the door. All of the food was strewn across the room. He still expected her to clean it up.

Before she could process her siblings also started to holler at her. They had destroyed her dress, laughing the whole time. She actually thought the prince would choose her, they had taunted. She was fuming at this point. How could people be so cruel? She got to work, her plan already in motion. Once they all sat down to eat, she would be the only member of this family left. Then and only then would she be allowed to go to the ball and run off with her prince. She added the poison to the soup and continued to stir it. This was the last time they would hurt her. The last time they told her she was just a maid or peasant. No! Ella would be free and be able to go be with the Prince.

At dinner time she delivered their food to the table and went off to her own supper. This wasn’t unusual as she was not welcomed at the table. She hummed and drifted into her dream world, sewing a new gown together. The reality was, there is no fairy godmother to save the day, she had to stand up for herself. She dawned the dress and her bags were packed. She went to see her step family one last time before saying goodbye. At the last moment she decided that instead of poisoning them she would just ensure they were all in need of a toilet and unable to stop her. She knew she couldn’t stoop to their level and she was no murderer but at least now she had a head start to freedom. As a last though she gathered her mice, her horse, and her kitten and left this old, rickety house for good.

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