I want to do things a little different today. So far we have been getting in the habit of just writing. If you are struggling to find the time writing, all of the work we have done should have you feeling weird, if you haven’t written for the day. I felt so strange yesterday when I hadn’t posted before noon. Today we are going to focus. Lets give our writing some purpose. What do you want to be as a writer? Do you have any projects you are currently working on? I am currently re-editing my first published book. I am also writing a new book. I held a contest on face book on my personal page. The contest consisted of me posting my next book cover and allowing my fans to pick the title. We are currently in the voting phase and I will have a title for my newest psychological thriller. The cover was originally going to be my memoir cover and when I decided to change the direction of my writing I decided to stop my memoir. It felt good to get it on paper but it was way too personal for the world to read. Today lets develop a new chapter in our next book. Take 15 minutes and enjoy yourself.

“Hurry get in the car Kara. We don’t have much time.” Ken was insistent they hurry, and there really was no telling how long they had before Kristof had caught up with them. “Forget taking everything, I will replace it, I promise. Just get in we need to go now! What don’t you understand?”

Kara jumps in the passenger seat and unable to fully understand what is going on. All she knows is a guy she had been seeing for a short period of time was now after her. She had to leave the city and if she didn’t there was no telling what would happen to her or her now boyfriend, Ken. Shortly after she met Ken, Kristof had stolen her car and was doing God knows what with God knows who and Ken had been her knight in shining armor, giving her rides and what not. He was the best man friend a girl could ask for in a crisis. She didn’t mean to fall for the charm and his devastatingly good looks. She only meant to lean on his kindness.

“Ken, where are we going to go? Do you know why he is following us? It just makes no sense, why did he finally give my car back if he intended on stalking me? Thank you for being with me Ken, I am so glad we have each other.

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