Day 17: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

Today is a late day. I was gifted a writing opportunity and had to put that as my focus today. Now that it is done lets get started! Today we are going to find a fun way to incorporate random words together. I am going to do this with technology. I asked Siri to give me three random words. The first word it gave me was paltry. The meaning is contemptibly small in amount. The second word it gave me was depend. It means to be contingent upon. The last random word it gave me was harlot. The meaning is a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money. I couldn’t have come up with a more insane combination on my own if I tried. Thank god for Siri. I gave my Siri a female British voice. I love when she talks. With these words we will create a short story. Have fun and Good Luck. Paltry – Depend – Harlot

The bartender looked up from behind the bar, Susie was always so dependable. If only she were dependable in a way that wasn’t so scandalous. Her appearance was paltry but that didn’t matter. Men lined up down the street to take their turn yet she seemed oblivious. She was the epitome of harlot, shameful but too drunk to notice. The men kept the shots pouring and fatty foods in her hands. You could see the grease dripping from her fingertips and she laughed at the flavor of the night. They were sitting in opposite stools, pool sticks in hand. That was her usual table, everyone knew to leave it alone. Her blonde hair was dirty from unwashed and her makeup was smudged from the heat. Rebecca watched from behind the bar as Susie walked out to the parking lot with the man. Another night and another bit the dust.

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