Day 19: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, &, Soul

Good morning my fellow bloggers and writers. Today is such a great day. Writing brings that out and its so freeing. With day nineteen at hand, I want to have fun today. Remembering and enjoying putting it down on paper or in my case on my computer. I used to love writing with a beautifully sharpened, perfectly pointed pencil, and an amazing notebook full of my thoughts and stories. Today, I was thinking about places that we grew up and the little gems in those towns. A lot of people move away to start their lives once they become adults. Is there a place you miss that is available only in your home town? There are a few for me but for this exercise I will only write about one. We are going to make it fun. Let’s write it as if we are writing a review. Good luck and enjoy!

Walking into this local pizzeria is unlike anything you have every experienced before. After waiting in line to get your plate and cup you are seated amongst a sea of people. Waitresses and waiters walk around with pizza pans full of piping hot, and uniquely blended pizzas. Each pizza is handcrafted by the chef and made with strange combinations. They are then thrown into a brick oven and baked to perfection. These pizzas range from an Idaho haystack topped with Onions, shredded potatoes, and other amazing veggies all stacked high, there is a mama mia pizza, filled to the brim with pepperoncini’s and other hot peppers, and that is just a sneak peak. To top it off there is a huge variety of dessert pizzas like Oreo, Butterfinger, and even Fruity Pebbles. Is your mouth watering yet? Amongst the hundreds of pizzas that are walked around to each table and served by the piece you also have a hot bar full of pastas and pizza that has been reheated. My favorite part though, is the salad bar, with all the toppings and dressings you can choose from. The décor is so fun and inviting with airplanes hanging from the ceiling and two levels to ensure no one gets turned away. You never have to worry about the children being bored with an arcade room to keep them fully entertained. Gerties Brick Oven Eatery is one of the most eclectic pizzerias I have every been to. If you are ever in Twin Falls, Idaho this is the place to try. You will definitely not regret it.

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