Day 22: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

Hey fellow writers, can you believe we are already at day 22? I had an idea for today but something happened yesterday that changed my focus of our topic. I was sitting down talking about ideas to market my blog with my husband and we were listening to a Ted Talk. The link to this is : At first this particular one was hard to hear. The longer I listened the more sense it made. He talked about America and how this country encouraged the gangster mentality and the violence through rap music. If you really look at it, the truth is right there. Back when I was a kid there was so much censorship with television and radio. There was one exception though, rap music and black on black crime. For some reason radio stations and alike were okay with this. They were okay with giving young black men this as their aspiration. They didn’t focus on encouraging children to be scientists or astronauts. I mean come on, we are in the year 2020 and finally have a black female coming into the Vice Presidency. That is great for my mixed child and all children of color now, but we didn’t give that shot to those before this generation. After listening and shedding many tears for my husband and the realization of what he was shown in society was too much. I am so proud of him, overcoming all of the stigmas and successfully starting his own video director company. There are so many that didn’t have that through. They didn’t have an amazing strong mom like he did. A mom that taught him he can be more than what the media shows. So today I challenge you to write a poem about something that really bothers you in this world. Make it impactful. I hope you enjoy mine.

You do not know me
The one who cries at injustice

You see this light complexion
But I am screaming in all directions

We as a nation did this
We profited off a whole race

As a nation, we told the world they were worthless
Well world, this nation was wrong

The color of one’s complexion
Doesn’t make them one to fear

I see all the pain and suffering
How wrong and evil they were

All these moms scared for their babies
They can’t even go to the corner store

You get angry for all the protests
But when will racism end

When will we stop judging others
And really start to look within

Not one race is perfect
Not one person too

Flaws are what make us human
Makes us love with our all

Stop Hating one another
This look will make us fall

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