Day 23: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

The last day of week 3 and I am riding that writing euphoria. Honing your skills is something every writer should be doing every day. Think about some daily affirmations that help remind you that you are an amazing writer and you should never give up. Think of a few that would motivate you, write them down.

I am loved.
I am strong.
I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
I will never give up.
Life is what you make it.

Today we are going to write the start of a story, we will pick this back up next week so don’t forget. Pick a topic of choice or let technology decide for you. Once you have your topic write the story. Make sure you stay in one tense like past or present but don’t alternate, unless you are writing about a scene with flashbacks. The same goes for third and first person, it can be confusing to go between the two. Put some music on, get that snack and cup of coffee or tea, and get comfortable.

Bonnie was woken with a start to pounding on the front door. It was apparent by now that there was no saving grace in sleeping tonight. She had only drifted off about twenty minutes prior and that was after hours of tossing and turning. Solving this latest slew of murders was taking a toll on her. There had never been a serial killer in this little town and everyone was restless.

In the last several weeks there had been three separate and brutal murders of young women. With each murder, the killer was getting less messy, leaving no evidence behind. She got out of bed and dressed quickly so she could see what the emergency was. When she opened the door her partner was standing there with coffee and a file, the look on his face saying something big had happened. The killer had made contact with the local paper and they didn’t wait to publish it when the paper came out. They released the daily edition hours early. It was unlike anything she had ever read before.

Dear residents of Paloma,
For years I have watched you greedy, money hungry, liars get away with too much. All of the sins of this town have been pushed under the rug and I can no longer sit back and watch. Neighbors sleeping with each other, cheating on their wives. Teenagers sleeping with teachers and no one says a word. My last straw Dr. Bradford denying emergency care to patients because of their bank accounts. This town has done too much for too long and I will put a stop to it. Lock your doors and say your prayers because I am coming for each and every sinner in this town! Ask yourself, are you safe? If you don’t know I would be worried. You won’t catch me, I am one step ahead. By the time you are reading this someone else will have lost their life.

Sleep Tight Paloma,
Justice Seeker

Bonnie wondered if this would ever end as she prepared for another long night.

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