Day 25: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

Some people feel that the only way to write is to shut out the world and all the noises that come with it. I say that is impossible! From noises outside in the real world to the ones in your head. I don’t mean you are crazy and have other people talking to you in your mind. I really mean the inner you that is criticizing and questioning every move you make and every word you write. Sometimes you have to find ways around the noise. If I want to focus and drown the world out, I actually turn up the music to zone out. Its amazing because there is a beat and a melody that helps me to focus. I just write and it flows onto the screen. Other times when I write I embrace the inner me. I listen to the changes and edit as I go. You really can’t go wrong either way.

The biggest thing to remember is that you need to train your brain to write no matter what is going on around you. I have had my daughter interrupt me about four times already since sitting down. I haven’t given up or walked away, instead I have to get back to it right away. Let’s make that 5 interruptions now lol. Then you have to work around the voices in your head asking if you pulled the meat out for dinner or telling you to just get the dishes out of the way. You have to realize that you will get to it and as long as you stick to that the voices will eventually calm and the anxiety will go away. Remember that just like a football player that has to keep pushing to reach the other end of the field no matter how tired he is, a writer has to do the same. Keep going through all the interruptions because what you are doing matters just as much as if you were getting that winning touchdown.

Today lets have some fun because we are on the last stretch of this amazing journey. Go back to the last short story you wrote and take one sentence out of it. Give yourself ten minutes to write a poem, a scene, a sketch, or anything that pops out in your mind. Make sure to include something to allude back to that sentence you chose. Good luck and enjoy!

The sentence I chose is: You won’t catch me, I am one step ahead!

Fighting to the top
Striving to win

Rising above all else
Anticipating what is to come

They try to come for me
Not knowing what my next move will be

Always knowing before you
How will you ever beat me, be true

Push hard against my fight
Try with all your might

For if you catch me you will see
Just how easy you could have gotten me

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