Day 26: Writers challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

All-day, that voice in my head was chastising me for taking so long to do my daily writers challenge. I know it is a holiday Happy Thanksgiving to all, but I should have been on here sooner. Even as I type, the anxiety is lifting, and it feels so good. Have you ever experienced that in your day? I was cooking and teaching my daughter to cook, and to me, that was the priority. I know that in my usual, day-to-day routine, this would have been complete hours ago. I hope everyone has had an amazing day, and now let’s get to the hard work.

Writing can be grueling and feel like a chore at times. Sometimes the character is boring or mean or doesn’t spark your interest. When that happens, it can cause you to get stuck. Not knowing exactly where to go next or what you are trying to portray can be frustrating. There needs to be a plan for times when you feel stuck. Get a dry erase board, the biggest you can find. This board should be where you throw ideas and chart out characters. If a whiteboard isn’t your thing, find something that is. When you write it out or attract it, you will be able to interpret and gain inspiration from everything in front of you. There are notebooks, sketch pads, recorders, power points, chalkboards, poster boards, and many other ways to help your ideas come to life. Sometimes creating an outline or spider graph will also help to organize ideas. Does something need to be included but doesn’t fit? An outline will help to organize and place like ideas together. What are some ways you stay organized?

Organization: Microsoft word docs, desktop folders, outlines, graphs, computer charged, tools up to date

Today’s challenge is to write a poem about something that means a lot to you.

You smile
I am comforted
You laugh
I feel joy
You speak
I am proud
You are kind
We will fix the world
Your beauty is pure
I see perfection
You love
I am grateful
My baby girl
My whole world
You hold my soul
You’re everything to me

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