Day 27: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

Rounding that last corner into this writer’s challenge, and it has been an amazing ride. When I think about what comes next, the ideas are never-ending. The biggest take away from this challenge is to be consistent. Prioritizing your writing is important if you want to succeed. It is important to remember that when you are writing, it is not just to write, but it is a part of a bigger goal. Make your goals and stick with them. Just because the challenge ends in 3 days doesn’t mean you should stop writing every day. Instead, write every day, and celebrate the wins and losses from each piece you put out in the world. Write from your heart, and don’t censor yourself in fear of other’s responses or opinions. If you hold in your feelings and your writing, you will explode in frustrated energy. Your inner peace is important, just like the rest. Think of what your goals are and write them down, is there something you are aiming for? My goal is to grow my blog and continue publishing books. I want to be a full time writer and learn everyday.

For the challenge today, I want to create a short story. Take as long as you need to write it and get as creative as you can. Take all you have learned this month and implement these ideas and changes into your story. I believe in you.

Its 5 in the morning, in come my mom and dad to wake me up. It’s funny they thought I would actually sleep knowing that in an hour I would be doing something quite unbelievable? I am sitting on the edge of my bed fully dressed, packed, and ready to go. They look at each other, both a look of relief and nervousness. No parent dreams they would be doing this with their fifteen-year-old daughter. It is something of nightmares and I am the nightmare.  I never expected this to happen, I didn’t realize it could happen. I am too young and I am scared shitless. It feels like only yesterday I was excitedly anticipating my cousin coming to my house to spend the extended weekend. 

A year ago I started to develop a crush on a boy I went to school with. He would drive by my house every day on his motorcycle , and to a teen girl that was exciting. We started dating the summer before I went to my freshman year of Highschool. We never really saw each other, sometimes he would show up at the local teen hangout, when I was there with my cousin. We would play pool and listen to music. but that was it. I hadn’t even kissed him at this point. Hell, I had barely had my first kiss when I was dating Curtis, so I wasn’t rushing to do that again. I was the girl who thought you held your breath the whole time and had no real clue what I was doing. I think I almost passed out my first time, literally.

One weekend cousin came up to visit from New Mexico. Though my cousin sue was a year younger than me she had so much more life experience.. I was this sheltered 14-year-old girl that still played with Barbie dolls, had stuffed animals all over her room, and boy band posters on the wall. Sue was the girl always dressed to the nine and had all the newest gadgets She wore makeup and always let me try it on when she came over. We decided to go to the spot and get out of the house on the second night she was here. We always had so much fun together and this time wouldn’t be any different. Gage came to see me and brought his friend Bob.

Sue, a year younger than me and absolutely the cutest girl in a crowd, with this chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes, was Bob’s counterpart in most ways. She immediately took a liking to Jeremy and insisted they come over and hang out with us the whole time. Bob was her equal in a crowd and they were immediately drawn to one another. We listened to music while we played pool and snacked on junk food. She flirted with bob, while I followed her lead and did the same with Gage. She whispered something to Bob before we left that day and when I asked what she said, I was told to wait until we got home and were away from the parents. 

When we got home, she explained that the boys were coming over after everyone was asleep and we were going to sneak them in. I had never done something like this before and thought about getting in trouble but for a girl at the age of 14 that didn’t matter, looking cool mattered more. In order for the boys to get to our house they had to bike a good 10 miles from their houses in town to my home in the middle of nowhere. What happened is something I honestly didn’t expect. 

The first night they came was innocent fun. We hung out in the room and played truth or dare. We laughed and joked and played. We had to wait until everyone was asleep to sneak them into the house. We quickly opened the back door and they dashed to the basement. They stayed until almost sunrise and then dashed back up the stairs, out the door and made the journey home. Later that day Gage called me to let me know they got home and no one was caught. It was decided we would do it again later that night. 

The second night they came, things were different. The boys were dressed nicer and they smelled of too much of their dad’s cologne. They both had slicked their hair back the best they could do without being caught. Bob and Sue whispered together for a little bit and then decided to go to the den in the basement. There was another bed out there and they said they were going out there to talk alone. I was so naïve to have not realized what was about to go on. 

Gage suggested we lay on the bed facing each other so we could talk. I agreed and I laid closest to the wall facing him. As we started talking, he leaned in for a kiss. The kiss deepened and for a time I fell into in. Next thing I knew he was rolling on top of me. I told him I needed to take things slow that I was new to all of this. He agreed and slowed the kisses down, all the while still on top of me. As the kissing continued his hands started to wander on my body. I moved his hands to my sides and tried to adjust myself in a better position to stop this situation. 

The next thing I know, he has pulled my pajama pants down and is trying to put himself inside of me. I push him and say no, it was as if he didn’t hear me like a monster had taken him over. His eyes had this look of hunger and determination I had never seen before. He keeps going for it wanting to be inside of me. On the second attempt, my knee flew up, hitting him in the junk, and he barely slowed for even a moment. I looked at him and said no again, this time with more force to my voice. I tried so hard to hide how scared I was at that moment and prayed he would realize he needed to stop. Even though he slowed for a split second he was determined to get what he came here for.

I had two choices at this moment. I could scream and wake up everyone in my house. This would lead to the parents coming downstairs and beating the crap out of the boys, and then we would be next. The other choice was to give in and get this over with so that they could leave and I could never see him again. This wasn’t the way I wanted to lose my virginity, but I felt that angering my father was worse than just doing what he wanted. It wasn’t as if he was going to stop trying.

So here I was, a 14-year-old girl losing her virginity to this 18-year-old high school senior in the basement of my parents’ home. It was dark, he couldn’t even see my body, I wasn’t even fully naked, and he forced his way in, and with a few grunts, he was done. I rolled over crying, not fully understanding what he had just done. What I didn’t realize at the time, there was no protection or pulling out that took place. Shortly after this, Bob and Sue came back into the room. I did my best to pretend nothing had happened and they left. All the while I was crying inside as I drifted off to sleep.

Nine months later, here I am, up at the butt crack of dawn getting ready to deliver a baby. I doubt any parent dreams this would happen to their child. I was what you would call a high-risk pregnancy due to my age. Due to this, my doctor was taking every precaution. I was being induced in roughly an hour, and then my life would change forever. It’s crazy, I hid my pregnancy for nearly seven months, and once I finally told them, my stomach plumped up huge with a baby. Now here I am, ready to become an adult, and my life to be changed forever.

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