Day 28: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

I started reading on my kindle app recently and I have unlimited access to so many books. I was bored and doing nothing else but reading book after book, every day. In the morning when I opened the app it would tell me how many books I had read and how long my streak was, I was at two weeks and three books a day at least. Needless to say I was in this funnel. That streak was my excuse to keep going. I was telling myself it was better than watching television while cooped in this house during a pandemic. I was exercising my brain and enjoying myself at the same time. I was only taking breaks to write or edit my book and of course cook meals and spend time with my daughter, but all of my alone time was spent with a book to my face. I literally had tunnel vision and was putting everything else on the back burner.

Don’t get me wrong reading is great for your brain and I am in no way saying don’t read, I still do. The thing I am pointing out is that all of my energy spent reading three and four books a day could have been spent working on what I am trying to perfect, my writing! Balance really is the key to everything and until I found that I was in the loop. If it wouldn’t have been reading, I would have found something to do that distracted me from what I love. On my 34th birthday, it was a huge wake up for me. What was I really doing that was bettering my life. Sure I have a Bachelors degree but have I put it to use? That is the question I really had to start asking myself. Where am I using my talents to better myself? I have been learning website design and really trying to build me and I have never felt better. So today, I want you to ask yourself the tough questions and face them. It is never to late to get out of the rut and back to focusing on you!

Yesterday we wrote a short story and let it just flow. Today I want you to write a poem about anything you want. Let it flow and find you.

For far too long she couldn’t see
The toxicity that surrounded
Letting go was all that could be done
Whether it be family or a friend
No one knew her no one cared
She tried so hard, for what she dared
They spit on her every chance they could
They didn’t love her none ever would
Not blood or water, friend or foe
Alone always but strong for sure
All that matters is in her care
The rest does not matter
She will not despair
So though they judge
They just don’t know
She has a kind heart
She has an old soul

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