Pandemic and Home

Being in a pandemic for almost a year now really opens your eyes to so many things in life. Your circle becomes smaller and smaller as the priority of staying safe is bigger than anything else. Small holidays that used to be so big is enough to say, hey this is serious. My fear creeps in every time I leave the house. No one gives each other six-feet and no one respects when you ask politely to step back. All it takes is that one person being sick to destroy so many lives.

Going to the grocery store has become something off a movie. You are unable to get so many different products at odd times. One day we have a shortage of toilet paper all the way down to hair dye. Mass hysteria takes hold when stores start limiting the amount you can purchase at a time and people get crazy. When the shortages happen it causes hoarding and greed.

Here is the worst part. We had been in the house for so long my 8-year old daughter was just going stir crazy and we decided to go to a park. Here is a place people should be distancing from each other and for the most part I saw that at previous parks. We went to Fox Tail park and there were at least a hundred people there and at least 90 people had no masks. There was no distancing, everyone was on the equipment, and no parent was making there child sanitize between turns. My fear was so intense and my body was so stiff we only allowed our daughter to play for a few minutes. I just couldn’t risk it. Our children are just as vulnerable as adults and there was no care or concern for their safety, even as the numbers are spiraling out of control every day.

It is not just about getting sick. More people have recovered than have died at this point. The issue is that people are not taking into considerations all the after effects of the sickness. From long term depression to long term fatigue the symptoms are vast and scary. Just look at the CDC website if you don’t believe me: This isn’t about politics or anything other that using common sense to protect you and your loved ones. I didn’t see my mom on Thanksgiving and that has never happened before. It was me, my husband, and my youngest daughter. We each have our one friend that we are allowed to be around because they are also staying safe and only my husbands friend was invited. Being careful is the only thing we can do to stop the spread. At this point we are on the verge of it only getting worse.

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