Day 29: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

We have made it! One day away from completing this amazing, yet grueling challenge. Before starting this you may have been a writer but now, you can officially call yourself a consistent writer. This month we have built habits and really pushed boundaries in ways never imagined. We have learned how to prioritize and make writing part of the priority. I feel that is the most important part of this whole journey . Being able to wake up and know that at a certain time of day or at a certain part in your routine, writing is written in there. It has already become a habit and on days when you don’t get to it at a good time, you feel it. That was the point of this journey, to embed your writing in everything you do and to embrace it.

Before writing today ask yourself a few questions, sort of like an evaluation of all your hard work.

Did you make improvements in your routine?
Were you able to write everyday?
Do you see a change in your writing?
Have you made progress in your WIP?
Are you using what you have learned daily?
What is one thing you would change?
What can you do to stay consistent?

I am proud of all of you for sticking through this with me. It has been such a journey for me and I am thankful to have put so much work in. I know staying consistent is key. So I look forward to when the challenge is over, and showing you more of what I can do.

To fight through the pain and come out anew
Changing me and everything I do

No longer focused on the anger they caused
I will no longer keep my life on pause

Thoughts are now only a blip
No longer will the words fall from my lips

Your anger consumes you
That is no way to live

Do you want to only feel that dread
Let it go and move on like me
Then you will heal and finally be free

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