Day 30: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

Bitter sweet, there is just no other word for it. We did it! 30 days worth of challenges under our belt and we arrived at the other end, a better writer. Do you feel any different? I feel accomplished and ready to take on the world. Writing isn’t just about putting words onto paper. It is creating an idea or story and connecting it in such a way that everyone who feels it can feel that passion, sadness, love, anger, happiness, or whatever else you are trying to portray. As a writer you have an ability that no one else possesses and that is the ability to make anything come to life. Taking your emotion and using it the best and most healthy way you can. I wrote my first book and rushed it. To this day I regret the rush and wish I would have slowed down and taken more time to develop and edit it. What I have realized is we all have that piece or pieces that we regret and it is how we overcome that for the next book or writing we create. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it. The E-Book will be available for free in the next few months, stay tuned.

This is going to be that hardest challenge yet today. We can’t end this challenge without ending it with a bang! Write a short story from start to finish. Take an hour and just write until you are happy with what you created. Choose a topic that involves something happening that became an unusual turning point in someone’s life.

Part 1

“Don’t go, please!”, She had grown so dependent on him and the thought of losing him was causing an anxiety attack.

Her body was warm, tears flooding her eyes. Small and shallow breaths were all she could manage. She flew in front of the front door as he walked to it, bags in hand. They had been through so much. This could not be the end! She looked around the room trying to grasp the reality. She looked at the pale grey walls, she insisted on them. Their portraits hung amongst these walls, her sadness deepened. She sank into the marble tile in front of her entryway.

He sighed and set the bags down. He was determined to wait her out this time. He did not want to go through this anymore. He was so thankful to realize her crazy now before they made the mistake of trying to have children. Kids would have made all of this so much harder. Leo had just graduated Law school and had landed an amazing job at a great law firm. Being with Celine had been fun, but he was ready for something serious. This, was not it. There was a certain look he wanted as he moved up in his firm, and he would not settle for anything less. She was bringing him down with her simple hometown looks. Sure she was great as prom queen on his arm but not for his future. He wanted worldly and that included blonde hair, blue eyes, and the fat in all the right places. Celine just wasn’t that, with her red messy curls and green eyes. She definitely had curves just not in the places he wanted. While her chest was big it wasn’t firm like the woman he dreamed of. She was too plain for him in every way.

“I do not want this anymore. We are going on different paths and it is time to move forward before either of us do something we regret,” Leo stood his ground. He was six feet tall and had a muscular build. He knew he was a catch. Women loved his black hair and blue eyes. He was always batting them off like flies. He knew he would land an amazing catch.

“I will do better, I promise. Tell me, what I need to do, and I will do it. Our paths aren’t that different. I will graduate next year and be able to start my clinic, just like we have always talked about.” She started sounding desperate as she named off all her dreams. He hated desperate and she was making a fool of herself. He couldn’t help but let some of the stifled laugh out as he leaned against the leather couch he had spent a fortune on.

They were supposed to be together for a long time and have a family. Last she knew, Leo was looking at rings, and now he was ending things. Nothing made sense. She started to wonder if he knew her secret. It was one she has regretted every day since it happened. That could be the only reason. But she would not just up and say it. He would have to bring it up. She held firm. She sighed and decided it may be time to fight for him from afar. She could not keep him in the house, and Leo was determined that he was leaving. She moved past the door and watched as he walked out of her heart and her life. The worst part is that he didn’t look back as he walked out of her life. Not caring about all the stuff he left behind. He would replace all of it.

Part 2

It had been two months since she last heard from Leo. She had all but given up hope of there being a chance unless she did something about it. Celine had decided if fate would not bring them together, she would make her fate. After going back and forth with her best friend Janie, she left to speak to him before he went to work. Her new apartment was uptown and too expensive for her. It the only thing close enough to him to keep her sane. She looked back at the brick building as she prepared to fight for her man.

When she pulled up the first thing, she noticed was the for-sale sign on the front lawn. Her front lawn was landscaped and the house looked ready for an open house. Second, she noticed two cars in the driveway. Leo’s metallic blue Range Rover was parked in its usual spot. The second car was a cherry red Mercedes with a license plate that read, maneater. Anger replaced all the feelings she had before. All the sadness and guilt were gone and the sense of right and wrong quickly overcame her. Celine checked her bag and loaded the pistol she kept for emergencies. It was time for him to pay.

Instead of knocking she grabbed the spare key and entered the house. She could hear two voices upstairs and the water running. The giggling is what sent her overboard. Before she realized what, she was doing the kitchen knife replaced the gun and she saw nothing but red. Storming upstairs and into her old bedroom, she kicked in the door. Before her, stood Leo and the new assistant he had introduced her to right before they split ways. They were both naked before her and he was laughing like it was a big joke. That was all it took, there was no turning back from this rage. She lunged at him first, he would pay.

The next thing Celine remembered was waking up the next morning in her bed. She wondered if it was all a dream. Unable to remember anything she lifted the covers and stifled her scream as she saw her blood-stained clothes and the knife still in her bed. Was she capable of doing this? Would they catch her? Jumping out of bed she ran to the bathroom and stripped naked, then she took all of her clothes and bedding and threw it in the wash. Just as she was getting out of the shower, there was pounding on her door.

Part 3

“Celine, you are accused of brutally murdering your ex-boyfriend Leo and his new lover Justine. You were found, with the murder weapon, and clothing and bedding in the washer yet to be started. The knife was covered in blood that was proven to be theirs. Yet, you still sit here, claiming your innocence by reason of insanity. You are lucky that you have a peer of jurors at your side. If I had to choose, you would get the maximum sentence.” Judge Adler was adamant in his anger at the court’s decision.

The crown erupted in murmurs. There was a mixture of emotions in the room, and everyone was divided. So many people disagreed with the decision, but more understood the emotions that were involved in this situation. The Jury took three weeks to deliberate and called back the court on many accounts to ask more questions. The trial was longer than expected. In the end, the decision was, Celine would spend the next fifteen years in a mental facility versus a prison. Upon her release, she would spend another year at a half-way house and then another ten years on probation.

“At this time, you will be taken to Aspen Hills mental facility and await permanent placement. Before being taken away, do you have anything you want to say at this time?” He looked at her with impatience.

“Your Honor, I would like to say how sorry I am for my actions. I know this can’t make up for the loss, but I intend to get the help I need while in the facility. I will dedicate the rest of my life to helping others better themselves once I am out.” Celine wiped away her tears as she was escorted from the courtroom.

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