Cameraman Effect

Have you ever found yourself caught in the vortex of Karen videos or just outrageous videos where everyone has a camera out? Better yet have you ever been in a situation where there is an emergency and everyone has a phone out, but instead calling for help they are recording. More and more that is what is happening everywhere. There are no hero’s standing up for what is right. Instead, we see cameras thrown in each others face only escalating situations.

There was a video I watched recently from here in Las Vegas where everyone is recording instead of getting help. The homeless man that was being recorded was being encouraged to do flips on a curb for a few dollars and he landed wrong. When he landed he broke something and he didn’t survive. It took so much longer to get help for this man because everyone was laughing at him and recording him instead. It was deplorable that no one acted faster.

It is not just happening here, it is happening all over the country. Instead of people doing the right thing they try to get their claim to fame by capturing a bad moment. I wish people would go back to the day when they stepped in and diffused or helped a situation. No more are people caring for others, instead they are looking out for themselves solely. Its a hard situation because the world we live in has become so dog eat dog that people fear that helping will endanger themselves.

Instead of pulling out a camera we need to start at least calling for help. If we are unable to get out and put ourselves in danger at least get the people help. What is it saying about all of us that we enjoy watching others pain instead of doing what is right? If even 1% of people did the right thing when they saw something we could save so much drama and heartache.

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