Candy Man Bad Man

Little girl little girl look at you
All that candy that he gave to you
Little girl Little girl don’t go inside
Quickly you need to run and hide
Once you go in you won’t be able to erase
Just what he has intended for you
You heard all the stories about the candy man
All of the goodies he has handed out to your friends
You knock on the door with little hands out
Unsuspecting so innocent and true
The door opens he beckons you in
The price to be paid, climb on up
You sit on his lap, that is all you do
All your friends said then all the candy was for you
Once you are up his hands brush your thigh
You are so little, so naïve, deprived
The hands touch in places that are No
Then the candy is handed and off you go
So run little girl before you are lost
Run and hide
Turn back around you can decide
The Candy Man is bad
He will hurt you

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