Never Ending Year

A year full of promise
Nope, says the nasty virus
It is not even the worst part
Losing jobs soon will start
Everyone home the stress begins
Schools all close, no one wins
Even more news that came my way
A life turned out to be so many lies
I tried but I just couldn’t hide
I spoke out and lost it all
Everyone turned, I watched me fall
Family turned enemy many friends lost
Shouldn’t have spoken up, but at what cost??
Doing what is right, Brings so much pain
Now he is sick, nothing will ever be the same
No making up or fixing things before
If he did that would be admitting he was wrong
So in the end no one truly wins
Everyone now torn apart
Life will never be the same, no matter where we start
I’ll never be able to say goodbye
Now all I do is sit and cry
Emptiness is building within
I lost him long before then
How will I ever be okay
This pain will never go away

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