Reflecting on 2020

This year has been one for the record books, no matter who you talk to. Each and every one of us has our own unique story that haunts us in some ways. In some ways, all stories intersect because of covid, but it became a ripple effect that turned so many other events upside down. We are all hoping that with the turn of the clock tonight, that we will have a fresh start with everything getting better. We desperately need some perspective on the matter.

We have all watched the political war ensue, hoping our country will step up when so many of us are drowning. In reality, the Government has ensured that more people were affected than need be. We needed that assurance, the help that so many other countries got, would come to us too. They failed us, insisting there was work for everyone. They wanted herd immunity. Now, with over 350,000 dead and millions infected, there is no end in sight. States that were under control are the highest again and others never got under control.

Yet we still sit here and watch so many people refuse to wear masks or be safe. Stores, even at 40% capacity, can still hold over 700 people. How is that keeping us safe? Even then, ignorant people enter these places sick or trying to get internet famous and refuse to wear a mask. The rules of Each state vary so much that you can not ensure this will ever go away. In Nevada, masks are mandatory, but in Texas, masks are requested.

We flew to Texas for Christmas, and the first flight was somewhat safe. They had temperature checks, and the flight wasn’t crammed full. On the flight home, there were no temperature checks and every seat was full. The three of us wore two masks, the N45 and a second one over it. We did not remove them at all because, if I am honest, we were flat out scared. Before we boarded the flight home, we watched the people getting off the previous flight. I leaned over to my husband and whispered that there wasn’t enough time to clean that plane before we boarded. He said they would take the time, and I tell you no sooner than 10 minutes later we boarded.

The more people that I talk to that work in warehouses or stores, the more I realize that businesses are not shutting down to clean after reported cases. They are too worried about the bottom line. One place had 8 cases and didn’t close down to clean. My friend is still working because she needs the money but goes in scared every day. Grocery stores are struggling to keep people out that are sick or refuse to wear a mask. There is only so much they can do. At times they have feared for their lives because of the craziness.

Crime is out of control. I live in a nice area and have never seen so much crime here since Covid started. You can drive down any street a few miles and you will see police cameras in parking lots. Well, now they are everywhere. It has become fearful to go outside. People have been robbed right in front of my balcony, and the woman was shot. Cars being vandalized and broken into, and people following Amazon and FedEx trucks daily.

Depression is rampant across the globe because we have all lost so much. We are doing the best we can in a time where all lines are blurry, and hope is nowhere. I urge everyone to remember that we will get through this. We will all look back and be able to say we survived the impossible. Do not give up. Fight with all you have. Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings and get help when you need it. Stay indoors and protect yourselves and others. We will be okay, eventually.

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