A heart beating so strong, but weeping.
Saddened by the realization of what is coming.
Torn in two as quickly as the hate the sadness settles in.
Lost for words, What should she do?
The anger between them so immense.
So many things said with no regret. ?
But does that mean no longer does she have a dad?
Punished by the gods, forever sad.
Will she regret not saying one last goodbye?
Or will she forever hold it inside?
No matter who was wrong or right.
There has to be some end in sight.
She may not be able to forget.
But maybe a bandage can be put over it.
Long enough so she wont regret.
That her last words were of a vengeful sense.
Strength is more than standing strong.
It is knowing that even though you can’t right all wrong.
Sometimes something higher calls you threw.
One last time she needs to look at you.

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