Invoke the 25th

Dear Congress,
After the tragic devastation yesterday, caused by a mob of terrorists, it is time to enact the 25th amendment and remove Donald J. Trump from office. For over four years, this President has encouraged violence, okayed racism, and pushed his agenda. Yesterday may have been an eye-opener to some, but the world saw this coming a million miles away. Ignorance can no longer be tolerated in America. We are failing as a Nation by continuing to allow this man to stay in power. It says that what he has done does not matter, and that is wrong!

Trump needs to be removed and placed in prison for all he has done. If anyone else had gone on live television and incited these mobsters by telling them to march to the Capitol building and protest, they would already be under the jail cell. It should be no different here. We need to come together as a nation and demand something is done once and for all. He is not special and should not be treated with privilege. He put so many people in danger yesterday and encouraged them to shame and possibly harm the Vice President if he did not agree with Trump. He refused to fully pull his people back as if he had the upper hand.

Congress, I implore you to do what is right. Remove him before further damage can be done. A lot can happen in 13 days, as we have already seen at the beginning of 2021. Please keep our Nation safe and do what is right. It is our Government’s job to set this right. Rid us of the terror that has been in office for far too long. Please pass this along and demand that your congress invoke the 25th amendment.
Pissed off and fed up, American People
#25thAmendmentNow #25thAmendment #ImpeachTrump

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