Writing Tip #1 – Staying in Focus

The hardest part about being a writer is learning how to push through all the distractions. You have to learn how to keep your train of thought and not lose your idea when interrupted. Whether your child is interrupting you with random thoughts or numerous questions, or noises from outside, you have to push through and snap right back to it.

That used to be the hardest thing for me. Once I became distracted, it would take me hours to refocus. I would end up starting the list of things that needed to be done before I got back to focus. Somedays, I would never get back to the task at hand. I would be mad at myself for not writing the idea itself down before writing and kicking myself it didn’t come back.

I learned the best way to stay in-focus is to tell yourself you need to stay put. Keep with your routine no matter what interrupts you. I write the gist of my idea at the top so that I do not lose it. This helps when my daughter interrupts me for help or to tell me her random thoughts. I can regroup and stick with it. I have a white board with my daily and weekly goals and tasks to remind myself that I can not get behind. I know what chores must be done before I start writing. If those are done, I won’t feel guilty completing my personal goals.

What are some ways you utilize to stay in focus?

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