Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s little girl ,that is what I used to be

Somewhere down the road love turned to hate

When the time came to be my rock, You showed all of your hate

Character comes out in the worst of times

Even as you lay dying you won’t shut down the pride

I may not be blood but you raised me from the age of 3

You gave me your name and took a roll to be my dad

The minute I spoke out against your blood, in your eyes I was dead

Now you are lying on that bed, living out your ending days

There are so many things left to be unsaid

The pain that I am feeling, I really have no dad

All the memories are now tarnished by the pain

Once you take your last breath all I am left is all this pain

So many things I want to say, so many questions spinning around

I have texted, I have called, no way to see you dad

I had people ask to let me see you, and. yet you still refused

I used to be the one you called and I always ran to you

Now I am here left reeling, so alone, and so confused

The anger that has built will never dissipate

I tried to write a letter I didn’t know what to say

How can you be so damn selfish even at your dying days

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