Stories are a funny thing, always swirling in my mind.

Join me on this journey. Experience my thoughts through the words written before you. My passion laid out and my soul bare.

Writing Tip #2 – Picking the Voice

It is important to pick a voice inside of your writing and stick with it. A lot of potential good reads have been ruined by going between first and third person. It can confuse the reader because they are wondering who is speaking and what they are trying to put out. If I was writing […]


Traveling can be difficult when you do not know the best places to go. California has so many different places that you can check out to ensure everyone enjoys your family vacation. If you want something off the beaten path look no further. I have compiled the top 10 places to visit when in California. […]

Writing Tip #1 – Staying in Focus

The hardest part about being a writer is learning how to push through all the distractions. You have to learn how to keep your train of thought and not lose your idea when interrupted. Whether your child is interrupting you with random thoughts or numerous questions, or noises from outside, you have to push through […]

Visiting Las Vegas

There are so many different things to do in Las Vegas. Most people assume that it is only about gambling and drinking, but there are so many family-friendly things to do. Regardless if you are on a family vacation or just need new things to do living here, there is something for everyone. Here are […]


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