Weak No More

Looking deep inside There is this fragile girl Asking why they didn’t want me Why they turned their backs The strength of who I have become Has pushed the fragile girl further down Silencening the thoughts The guilt that shouldn’t be there Stemming from years of manipulated truths Brainwashed into believing it was normal Shunned […]

The Monster

I am sickened by you You lie to hide the truth The truth is out and you are scared Attacking me, in your eyes, must be fair You are a pathetic excuse for a dad Im glad our DNA is not shared You’ve been a bully my whole life Allowed such dangers all around us […]

Protecting the Wicked

In this world, why are people so quick to protect the guilty? It makes no sense to me. I understand innocent until proved guilty, but when the proof is laid out in front of someone how can they not believe? Instead they attack, for fear that the truth will really come out. They shame and […]

Tumble Effect

Dark secrets are like this known thing among family’s. Especially from the older generations. So many times, instead of getting help there are cover up’s. It’s the elephant in the room that is never talked about. The funny thing is, as our generations evolve, these secrets can be no more! Not only are these secrets […]

Losing Your V-card and Stepping into Motherhood (it only takes once) all while being a teen

Every girl dreams of that big moment, that special moment when they will lose the big V card. They fantasize about all aspects from the who all the way to the where. I pictured it being under the stars on a. blanket after a beautiful candlelit picnic in the mountains. That was how I dreamed […]

Sister’s: Chapter 1

“Don’t touch my dog! Leave him alone, he isn’t doing anything to you! Please Stop!” Harmony Cried. unable to stop the tears, “Stop! I Said Stop! Daaaaaaad please come stop him!” The strange man stopped kicking her dog that was tied to a tetherball pole. He laughed as he walked into the house where her […]

Sisters: Prologue

“We made it” exclaimed Harmony as they made their way to the top of the highest point at Mount Hood in Oregon. Her sister Gabby standing their snapping a few selfies so the world can see just how high up they had climbed. “Can you believe it only took us a year to get here?” […]