New Release

I have released my latest book. It is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. There is a special shout out at the end to each and everyone of my supporters here. I want to say thank you again for taking the initial journey with me. 30 Day Writers Challenge : Mind, Body, & Soul

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A heart beating so strong, but weeping. Saddened by the realization of what is coming.Torn in two as quickly as the hate the sadness settles in.Lost for words, What should she do?The anger between them so immense. So many things said with no regret. ?But does that mean no longer does she have a dad?Punished […]

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Reflecting on 2020

This year has been one for the record books, no matter who you talk to. Each and every one of us has our own unique story that haunts us in some ways. In some ways, all stories intersect because of covid, but it became a ripple effect that turned so many other events upside down. […]

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