Invoke the 25th

Dear Congress,After the tragic devastation yesterday, caused by a mob of terrorists, it is time to enact the 25th amendment and remove Donald J. Trump from office. For over four years, this President has encouraged violence, okayed racism, and pushed his agenda. Yesterday may have been an eye-opener to some, but the world saw this […]

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Pandemic Panic

Every day I wake up and start my morning routine. I fill the tea kettle with water and start my gas stove. I make my daughter breakfast and prepare the coffee pot. Once the tea kettle whistles I brew my coffee. I set up the computer for my daughter to start school and then I […]

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America Once Great, Now Fallen

I’m tired Tired of all the hate Of all the fighting All of the lies The anger So much that it radiates From the top of the chain He stands there Looking down on all of us He thinks we are fish He is taking away our water With his every word The real fish […]

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