Eyes open the darkness is so heavy Calling out but no one is there Feeling around for something familiar Clank, heaviness surrounds me Trapped, I gather the chains Looking for the end Every chain brings another I keep trying, do I even bother Voices reverberate the high walls I speak but nothing can be heard […]

The Pain Within

I swear when the world starts to tumble it just keeps going. Like an earthquake with the multitude of aftershocks that follow To not only find out someone so close to you is sick. To find out that sickness hurt those closest to me even more. What happens then when you reach out to get […]

Handle with Care

How can one overcome so many years of sadness and heartache? How can one learn to shake off the last when it never goes away? How do you tell your loved ones that you are fragile and need a handle with care sticker tattooed right in. Things that are funny never feel that way. While […]

The Rabbit Hole

The heart mourns the loss of something never had Longs for something that only happens in her dream Dreams of happiness and true understanding This heart a package wrapped oh so delicately Stamped with a “fragile, handle with care” Ever tossed and thrown as if a sailboat on the open seas Yearning for true comfort, […]

Engulfing Emotion

Ragged breaths, dark swirling wind Colors so vidid yet dark Crashing together like waves on a stormy night Building, the pressure is about to erupt A shadow growing bigger and bigger Do they see? These eyes all around Piercing within, seeing the unseen Up against a wall No forgiveness, not really No words left to […]