The Monster

I am sickened by you You lie to hide the truth The truth is out and you are scared Attacking me, in your eyes, must be fair You are a pathetic excuse for a dad Im glad our DNA is not shared You’ve been a bully my whole life Allowed such dangers all around us […]

Some Kind of Dad

Some kids had a dad that tucked them into bed Mine was gone before night even fell Some kids had a dad that encouraged them Mine broke me down every chance he could Some kids had a dad that listened to their fears Mine screamed obscenities at me nothing I said was right Some kids […]

Fuck You Jeff Fuck You

Fuck you for all the hurt for never being there For choosing drugs over me when young Fuck you for all the pain always turning your back and spewing hate Fuck you for all the manipulation making me feel insane Fuck you for stepping up you never really tried Fuck you for stepping off that […]