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No Longer

Author Tiffani Slaughter

Yesterday was Fathers Day I felt no sudden desire to call you I felt no shame for not sending a card There was no urgency Absolutely no need Nothing could have implored me Instead I woke up and celebrated A man that actually cared A man that has raised my daughters In a way I …

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I had to take a step away Away from the pain and anger Away from the revenge I was seeking I needed to see that I was allowing you to win You have hurt me so much in my life You have never made me feel secure, at home All I have ever wanted was …

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In life, there are many different obstacles a person must overcome in order to mold themselves into the person they are meant to be. We have high points and low points, even really really low points. The results come from how hard a person works. We alone directly impact our future successes and failures. The …

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