Won’t stop

Staring down the bottle of a glass of wine Your lies have become so devine You have balls I’ll give you that What you forgot is the innocent don’t hide With open arms I did welcome in Showed them I know I’m not without sin Open and honest that’s how I’ll be Your lies will […]

Protecting the Wicked

In this world, why are people so quick to protect the guilty? It makes no sense to me. I understand innocent until proved guilty, but when the proof is laid out in front of someone how can they not believe? Instead they attack, for fear that the truth will really come out. They shame and […]

One Way Wrong Way

There once was a family Day in and day out there was sadness The children only knew one way The parents chose drugs over everything else daily There was pain and sadness Violence and abandonment Cover up’s and lies No-one knew everything No-one knew enough Those that did turned a blind eye to the truth […]