New Release

I have released my latest book. It is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. There is a special shout out at the end to each and everyone of my supporters here. I want to say thank you again for taking the initial journey with me. 30 Day Writers Challenge : Mind, Body, & Soul

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Day 22: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

Hey fellow writers, can you believe we are already at day 22? I had an idea for today but something happened yesterday that changed my focus of our topic. I was sitting down talking about ideas to market my blog with my husband and we were listening to a Ted Talk. The link to this […]

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Day 21: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, & Soul

Phew, we are so close guys. I am more energized than ever before. I look forward to opening my screen everyday and writing. My passion has been ignited in a way I thought I had lost. Growing is so great and it feels good on me.  Today let us have some fun. I want to […]

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