Drip Drop

Drip drop the rain falls Cleansing the wrongs of the worldBreathe in deep The air is fresh for the moment Something that comes sparingly Drip drop the rain falls There is so much beauty in it all Dark skies try to mask the sun The sun so powerful peaks through Astounding how it lights the […]

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Day 7: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul

Day 7: Congratulations on reaching day 7. You have successfully completed a full week of our boot camp after today. So far we have organized and focused our writing style. We have also etched out the time daily to write. We have thought about having the ability to write anywhere if inspiration hits. Today I […]

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Sunflowers strewn out across the room Yellow brightens every corner Warmth fills throughout Looking out the window Flowers can be seen as far as the eye can see Fragrant scents waft in my senses Rain silently falling through the grey clouds Set against a bright brimming sun Pelting the ground as if tears falling from […]

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