Handle with Care

How can one overcome so many years of sadness and heartache? How can one learn to shake off the last when it never goes away? How do you tell your loved ones that you are fragile and need a handle with care sticker tattooed right in. Things that are funny never feel that way. While […]

Blood means nothing

When reality hits and family is no more The truth is you realize they were never family I always was left out Never went on trips with the family on his side Never given the same stuff ever Always was treated like an outsider My whole life I felt alone and worthleas They did that […]

When is it my turn?

When is it my turn? When is it my turn to laugh? When will I be happy or cry tears of joy? When will I find that happiness? My comfort? My joy? Trapped is what I am, and it’s where I’ll stay I try bring kindness and positivity to all Yet all I get is […]

Journey of Heartbreak and Healing

Staring out into the darkness Staring out into the darkness All she can feel is numb As this numbness creeps in silent tears escape Silently these tears fall as she can no longer be… She looks at him and see’s his pain and hurt Knowing him so deeply that now as they fight to figure […]

Darkness No More

Theres a whisper somewhere deep in the back of her mind Run, go, as far away as you can Hurry, before it catches you, before you are consumed Breath, hurry, before you can’t It’s coming, she wants to stop it but she knows its inevitable Stop, fight, back make it go…Please She can’t escape, She […]

Erasing the Pain

I smoked the blunt to numb the pain To ease this emptiness inside I inhaled deeply the calm settles around No longer do I feel like I’m clawing to escape I exhaled with relief for this is my way to face it I no longer feel like I’m spiraling this depression which consumes I feel […]


Words, to some they are innocent and to others they are devastatingly ending. We should be open to criticism and be able to constructively give it back. Name calling and venom spewed from one person to the other doesn’t correct issues. Instead it grows them, fuels them like a lighter provides flame. Too many times […]


Growing up, I always felt like there was this story that I was writing. It would play out in my brain and tempt me to put it pen to pad. I dabbled occasionally but was always very hesitant to let others hear all the random joy, love, sadness, confusion, pain, warmth, and much more that […]