The Rabbit Hole

The heart mourns the loss of something never had Longs for something that only happens in her dream Dreams of happiness and true understanding This heart a package wrapped oh so delicately Stamped with a “fragile, handle with care” Ever tossed and thrown as if a sailboat on the open seas Yearning for true comfort, […]

Journey of Heartbreak and Healing

Staring out into the darkness Staring out into the darkness All she can feel is numb As this numbness creeps in silent tears escape Silently these tears fall as she can no longer be… She looks at him and see’s his pain and hurt Knowing him so deeply that now as they fight to figure […]

Darkness No More

Theres a whisper somewhere deep in the back of her mind Run, go, as far away as you can Hurry, before it catches you, before you are consumed Breath, hurry, before you can’t It’s coming, she wants to stop it but she knows its inevitable Stop, fight, back make it go…Please She can’t escape, She […]

Blended Families: 6 Things to Consider

I never quite understood what a blended family really was until I watched the movie Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I cried and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed it because that was me. I was the perfect example of a blended family and I experienced so many struggles and triumphs over the years. Some […]