Decisions that haunt my soulI do not know which way to goI write out how I feel The world becomes unhealedKnowing what I want to do Does not mean it will come true All the anger directed to me Never will my heart feel free Years and Years of hurt Never being put first How […]

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Side Lines

Standing on the side linesScreaming as loud as I can No one looks upIts as if I am pretendAlone all my life Everyone went awayNever treated rightAlways causing painTrying so hard to love So hard to be me Why is that not enough Why can no one see My heart worn on my sleeveBroken and […]

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Lost Identity

Who am I without a dadA little girl so lost so sadThe one who gave me life didn’t want meA dirty secret didn’t care didn’t know me The one who raised me doesn’t careAlone and empty is how I feel Never felt quite the sameAs the siblings he always praisedHis family always picked and knocked […]

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